About me

Hi there! I’m Thom Nicolette and for as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to work with cartoons. I specialize in professional character design with a strong, cartoony appeal. I’m heavily influenced by the designs from the Golden Age of Animation and I’m able to emulate designs ranging from Max Fleischer to Preston Blair to Jay Ward.

In addition to professional character design, I‘m also a freelance illustrator under my brand name, Thom Foolery. I’ve created merchandise, posters, and album art for a wide range of clients. Some include comedy icon Pee-wee Herman, Ska-Punk legends Reel Big Fish, ukulele chanteuse Janet Klein, former Mystery Science Theater 3000 writer and actor Frank Conniff, and animation historian Jerry Beck.

If you’ve got a project that calls for some fun cartoon designs I’d love to hear from you!